Sometimes we all need a good laugh and Landon gave me one today.

Let's take a tour of our lovely city with Landon Cantrell here. He just put up a video a few hours ago showing off some of the more famous aspects of our city. Every Wichita Falls video wouldn't be complete without...The Falls. Landon starts us out there and then we go to the abandoned hotel.

A great place to trade and sell crack nowadays. The swinging bridge (which I have never been on) gets a shout out right above the Willy Wonka river. Memorial Auditorium with Steve-O coming soon gets a shout out. Yeah Dude! Big Blue, then the RV Park, another great place to trade and sell crack.

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Kay Yeager Coliseum home to some great concerts. Hey Landon, we did get Korn and Rob Zombie more recently than Carrie Underwood, show them some love. Also all our hockey teams, which I don't think Landon is aware the Warriors are gone now :(

The World's Littlest Skyscraper had to get a stop and saying you're home to that place is the top of Landon's list. The local theaters actually get shown some legit love. However behind the theater is Bud Daniels Park, another great crack spot in Wichita Falls.

Landon even gets us a good view from the top of the dirt hill, also crack deals happen in this area as well. Landon had to remind us Hastings is gone and Dirt Cheap doesn't even come close to the memories of Hastings.


Old High fans, just stop watching here. I can tell Landon is a hardcore Wichita Falls townie thinking that Samurai, "Is the greatest restaurant in the entire world". I love Samurai, but some of you LOVE Samurai. Also Landon says "The Tiger King" made an appearance at Sikes Senter Mall. If any of you have footage of that, send it my way.


Landon closes it out with I hope you learned something about Wichita Falls. Well, learned all the crack spots in town. Thanks Landon.

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