Turns out we get the most bang for our grilling buck here in Whiskeyta Falls.

Apartment Guide recently released their study of the most affordable cities for grilling in the U.S. and Texas dominates the list, with our city coming in at #1.

They ranked 257 cities according to cost of living data and affordability of steak, ground beef, sausage and beer.

The researchers assigned a score for each category based on the average price in that area, with 1 representing the most affordable and 257 being the least affordable. They then added the four numbers and divided that number by four to come up with the overall affordability score.

Wichita Falls was the cheapest city by far with a total score of 8.25. We’re home to the least expensive ground beef at $2.26 per pound. We have the third cheapest prices for sausage, fourteenth cheapest prices for steak and beer prices are fifteenth cheapest in the nation.

Here’s the Top 10:

  1. Wichita Falls, TX
  2. McAllen, TX
  3. Kalamazoo, MI
  4. Temple, TX
  5. Waco, TX
  6. Manhattan, KS
  7. Peoria, IL
  8. Meridian, MS
  9. Salina, KS
  10. Nacogdoches, TX

Get the full story here.

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