One of the competitors in the Houston Rodeo BBQ cook off has a simple suggestion for all you people wanting to make some good food.

The Houston Rodeo feels like a State Fair type event for the state. It lasts for weeks, you have rides, events, live music, and good food. Looks like this past week, the World Championship BBQ contest went down. Of course local Houston media is out there covering the event and CW 39 in Houston did an interview with one of the competitors.

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The reporter wants to know, "Can anyone give us some tips on how you're going to make the best brisket or chicken or whatever dish to win this competition?" One guy was eager to give his response to the question.

The man says, "It's all in the rub." The reporter presses on more about this rub, but of course he's not going to give up the recipe. He goes onto say, "It's just about rubbing your meat right." The reporter then says, "Good advice for all of us here". That is when everyone in the pit crew cannot contain their laughter like Beavis and Butthead.

I can't find a higher quality video of this interview, but I was able to find a different interview with these guys. Looks like they're called Last Call at the Tumble Inn. Looks like they literally just compete in the Houston Rodeo every year. So if you want to go try some of their well rubbed meat, you will have to wait til next year's event. Looks like in year's past they have won awards for their chicken, but sadly in 2023. No wins for them this year. At least they have a great sense of humor.

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