I always love it when our great eateries here in Wichita Falls get a little love from out-of-towners. 

The Texas Bucket List recently made a stop here in The Falls to try a couple of Progress & Provisions’ unique creations: The Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich and the Waldorf Salad. Just looking at both of those dishes made my mouth water – and I’m not big on salads.  

The show’s creator and host Shane McAuliffe was pretty impressed with both, boldly stating that the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich blows the chicken sandwiches from the Great Fast-Food Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2019 out of the water. 

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In you’re not familiar with Progress & Provisions, just take a quick look at their website or Facebook page and I guarantee you’ll be planning to make a trip down there ASAP. Seriously, I plan on stopping in for lunch next time I’m downtown. 

Owner Kyle Dalka started Progress & Provisions as a food truck but eventually moved into the Hamilton Building in 2018. The location has been home to a couple of different restaurants that have went on to do well, so Kyle views the spot as an incubator for restaurants: 

This had been a great restaurant space for two other restaurants that are still locally owned here. It’s been an incubator for some restaurants to be able to go on and do bigger things.

Hopefully that will be the case for Progress & Provisions. They’re definitely off to a great start.

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