I tuned into a stream last night and who do I see, Keith Lee, smacking the crap out some guys.

First of all, need to give a shoutout to my man Brennan Williams. AKA Great Black Otaku, AKA Better Woolie, AKA Better Brennan, AKA The Sultan of Sit and many other names to go around as well. I love this guy and I am patiently waiting to see him get called up to the WWE main roster one day. Follow him on Twitter because he is awesome and hilarious all day.

Brennan, along with the other Insiders stream all the time and they will beat the crap out of each other when they go online. Manny usually gets it the worst, we love you Manny. Last night a very special guest was on, Wichita Falls' own Keith Lee. All of us here in Wichita Falls are rooting for Keith and he is killing it in NXT right now.

Last night on the stream, he absolutely slapped the crap out of all the Insiders. If you want to check out the highlights, check out the Twitter video above. The full stream is available on Twitch as well. Just need Keith and Brennan on the main roster of the WWE slapping the crap out of the competition as soon as possible.


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