VOTING HAS STARTED! Go here and cast your vote for James' Greektown Gyro flavor!

Time to hook up a fellow Wichitan with some love and help him win the Lay's Do Us a Flavor contest.

Looks like Lay's is at it again asking people to come up with new, crazy and unique flavors. I don't know if it's just me, but Lay's is becoming the Ben and Jerry's of the potato chip world. Think we can't turn chicken and waffles into a potato chip? Watch us. Well this time they're looking for America's flavor and they have it narrowed down to four finalists.

One of the entries was actually made by a local Wichita Falls resident, James Wagner. He came up with the idea for Greektown Gyro. He got the idea from the Hibiscus Cafe which is a restaurant right outside of Sheppard Air Force base. I have never been there and now I need to go try it out. In the video seen below, I am so glad James pronounced gyro correctly. Its pronounced like hero, NOT gy-ro. I know some restaurants in Maryland that wouldn't serve you if you pronounced it incorrectly.

James has a chance to win one million dollars, so be sure you show him some love by voting on You can also vote by texting to 24477 and text VoteGyro. Twitter and Instagram users can use the #VoteGyro as well. Before you start going nuts voting, voting starts on July 27th.

This got me to thinking, what would my America's flavor be? Since I am from Maryland, I would go, Baltimore Crab. If you want to try it, get some original Lay's, lightly spray with vinegar, then add Old Bay seasoning, it's delicious, trust me.

Now, how about a Wichita Falls flavor? If they could somehow make a potato chip taste like a red draw or a steak on garlic that would be our flavor. Whenever someone comes to visit Wichita Falls I make sure they have a steak on garlic and red draw before they leave.

Watch James Find Out He is a Finalist Below: