The Wichita County Sheriff's Office usually saves the day, but this time they were here to help one Wichita Falls kid feel like a member of the force on his birthday.

Thank you to Amber Jackson for letting us use this video of her now thirteen-year-old son Billy Joe. Billy loves the police so much it was his birthday theme this year. He also dressed up as an officer and some very special guests stopped by his party. Billy's dad got in contact with Lieutenant Greg Wilson with the WCSO to see what they could do for Billy's party.

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Lt. Wilson and several other WCSO deputies stopped by in their cruisers to wish Billy a Happy Birthday. You can definitely tell it made his day. They surprised Billy with several gifts and he even got his own special badge. A very cool move for the Wichita County Sheriff's Office to help out on Billy's special day.

Now if only my birthday dream of eating pizza with the Ninja Turtles can come true.

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