If I know 100 birthdays in Wichita Falls, I think we can help this guy out.

You may remember a couple of years ago, we had a story go viral in our city about a gentleman named Joe Cuba. He was turning 100 and wanted 100 birthday cards to mark the occasion. Well...he got way more than 100. I don't know if we ever got an official number, but it was at least 50,000 birthday cards. You can check out that crazy story here.

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Well it looks like we have another World War 2 veteran turning 100 very soon in our area and he was wondering if folks could send him some cards as well. I think we can make this happen once again. Mr. Dale Nelson, some may know him as Doc, has been volunteering with Straight Street Ministry here in Wichita Falls for awhile now.

Photo Courtesy of Straight Street
Photo Courtesy of Straight Street

They have put out the request for the cards are asking folks to send them by December 15th. You will want to send them to the following address:

Straight Street

PO Box 1684

Wichita Falls, TX 76307

If you have a positive story or message for Dale because you personally know him. It would be greatly appreciated. Looks like we have about two weeks from this posting to hit that deadline and I think we can make it happen.

Mr. Cuba set a very high bar a few years ago. If we got just one percent of Mr. Cuba's cards, that would still be hundreds of cards. Happy early birthday to Mr. Nelson and hopefully we get some cards sent your way.

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