Since AMC acquired Carmike a few years ago, they have been upgrading the old Carmike facilities. The Wichita Falls mall theater renovations were completed recently and we now have an all-new theater experience.

We have been keeping an eye on any news coming out of our new AMC location in Wichita Falls, which is the old Carmike Cinemas in Sikes Senter Mall. They invited us over yesterday so we could show you the all-new theater and when you watch the video above, you will notice it as soon as you walk up.

First, no more box office. You can purchase tickets online and with your phone like you could before. If you want to purchase tickets at the theater itself, you can visit one of the outside kiosks to purchase tickets. The snack bar is also available for ticket purchases.

The snack bar has been completely redone and new food options will be available. One of the first upgrades we got was the Coke Freestyle machine that has 120 different options on it. You have probably seen that if you have been in recent months. The new snack bar has cool stuff like flatbread pizzas and pretzel bites. Soon, a 1.5-pound Bavarian pretzel will be available. Can't wait to try that one.

The other new installment you will notice when you walk in is the AMC MacGuffins Bar. This will be our first official bar in a movie theater in Wichita Falls. Beer, wine, and all sorts of liquor drinks will be available. What I am most excited about, they will be making special movie-themed drinks when new movies come out. Crossing my fingers for something 'Predator' related for this weekend.

Let's get into the theater. All new screens and sound systems. The biggest change you will notice is the leather recliner seats with PLENTY of leg room. The seats also have seat warmers if you tend to get chilly in the theater. Also, everyone has their own cupholder now, something that I hate having to fight over at the movie theater. Seats are also assigned now and you can pick out and reserve your seat when you purchase your ticket.

Needless to say, we basically have a brand new theater in the mall. I will be honest, I was sort of avoiding this place when Carmike owned it. AMC believes this is a good location and it seems like they did everything they could to make it the best experience possible.

Take a walk through with me and Kimberly from AMC in the video above. I cannot wait to go this weekend and check out 'The Predator'.

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