Time to wash those hands every two minutes.

Just three weeks into 2017, we already have ten cases of Pertussis here in Wichita Falls. It's flu season this time of year, so everyone is already on edge with getting sick.

Parents should be especially concerned with the kids getting whooping cough. If you're worried about your kid having whooping cough, be sure you take them to the doctor. It starts as a slight cold with a runny nose and a slight fever, but it can potentially be fatal.

"Yes, Pertussis can be fatal sometimes for children. Often, if the coughing gets too severe, they're unable to breathe or they vomit after the coughing fits which sometimes can lead to choking and death," Epidemiologist Kelsey Tatum said.

Doctors say the best way to prevent Pertussis is to get vaccinated. If you're against that, be sure the kids are washing their hands. A good tip is also to use sanitizing wipes on those shopping carts.

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