That game was edge of your seat intense on Sunday. It got a little too heated in one household and it brought brothers to blows. 

Sunday the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs by the Green Bay Packers. I thought the refs made some questionable calls in the game and I got involved with some arguments about them. Not as intense of an argument as the Boyer brothers got into.

The two were watching the game in Nevada and details were not given as to which brother was a fan of what team. Justin Boyer and Robert Boyer started a shouting match after the game. They had to be separated by a roommate of Roberts. The fight became more aggressive with the two coming to blows.

Robert stabbed Justin multiple times, with Justin ultimately fatally succumbing to his wounds. Police claim that Robert feared for his life in the moment, and it was ruled a self-defense. Sources also said that Justin suffered from mental illness.

I myself take sports way too seriously, but would never take a loss this far.

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