Were you in a hurry to head out to eat when restaurants were allowed to ready? The website Top Data crunched the numbers in order to discover which casual dining restaurant chains people most flocked back to in each state during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I suppose “flocked back to” isn’t exactly what’s going on, considering the fact that chain restaurant traffic is down 58% overall, but I’ll go with it anyway.

Here in Texas, Olive Garden was the most frequented restaurant chain after reopening. Hey, if you’re going to risk infection to eat out, you might as well go to the place that offers bottomless breadsticks. The rest of the top five in Texas are Chili’s, Texas Roadhouse, Denny’s and IHOP.

The majority of our neighbors to the north in Oklahoma have had a hankering for Chili’s during the pandemic. Chili’s was followed by Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings, Texas Roadhouse and IHOP.

While, oddly enough, Texas Roadhouse wasn’t at the top of the list here in the Lone Star State, it was the most popular in the majority of states, clocking in at number one in fifteen states. Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Chili’s and Denny’s round out the top five in most states.

Go here for a map of the top chain restaurants in every state. Get the list of the top five in each state at this location.

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