Stay hydrated and use sunscreen the next week or so. It is gonna get HOT.


So get to work today and I am all excited for what's ahead. I typically take a look at the forecast and I see triple digits for Wichita Falls every day for the 10 day forecast. Yikes, drink plenty of water folks it's gonna be a hot one for awhile. However, I learned it's not just us roasting. I am used to Wichita Falls being one of the hottest places on the map, but it looks like a 'Heat Dome' is traveling west of Memphis and is going to be affecting us here.


Meteorologists are acting like I should know what that is. Ah yes, the heat dome. Basically jet streams are causing hot air to stay stagnant over an area for days, to weeks at a time. According to The Conversation, "When the jet stream swings far to the north, air piles up and sinks. The air warms as it sinks, and the sinking air also keeps skies clear since it lowers humidity. That allows the sun to create hotter and hotter conditions near the ground."

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The Heat Dome is apparently heading west and over the next few days will be right over the Wichita Falls area. So be prepared by staying hydrated, try to limit outdoor activity the next few days by taking breaks when you can, and use sunscreen if you're outside as well.


Some are saying this stretch over the next week or so due to the heat dome could be some of the highest temperatures of the summer for North Texas. I feel like August in Wichita Falls always kicks our butt so I guess we will wait and see.

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