Better have your proton pack ready to go before stepping foot on these properties. 

The Daily Meal just came out with a list of the most haunted areas around the United States. Some are more creepy than others if you want to check them out. Let's be honest, all we care about is the ones in our area. Let's start out with the great Lone Star state.

We have to travel to Mineral wells and the creepy Baker Hotel. Legend has it, that several deaths took place on the property. The hotel is haunted by the ghost of a bellboy who was sliced in half by the basement elevator, as well as the mistress of the hotel’s founder, who supposedly jumped from the top floor to her death. These two stories have never been confirmed, but another one has.

Earl Baker (nephew of the original owner) vowed to shutter the struggling hotel in 1963 and fulfilled his promise. However, it was reopened by local investors in 1965. The spirits must have disagreed with Baker’s decision to lease the property, as he died of a sudden heart attack in 1967 in the hotel’s Baker Suite. Turns out some madman is trying to renovate the hotel, you can get more info on that on their website.

Up north in Oklahoma, it's another haunted hotel. This time the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City. This story is similar to the Baker Hotel story. William Balser Skirvin, the original owner, impregnated his maid mistress (named Effie) sometime in the early 1930s, and kept her on the top floor of the building to hide her pregnancy. Even after the baby was born, both were imprisoned on the top floor and never allowed to leave. According to the legend, Effie became so distraught and stir-crazy that she

According to the legend, Effie became so distraught and stir-crazy that she leapt from the highest point of the hotel with the baby in her arms. Guests and employees alike have since heard the phantom cries of a baby and seen a nude female apparition in the hotel, with the former being so loud that some guests report losing sleep.

The hotel is actually owned by the Hilton hotel company now. I find it hilarious the tagline for the place is, quiet luxury since 1911. Yeah, quiet, except for the screaming ghost baby, it's a pretty quiet place. So looks like both these places you can go spend the night in, if you're brave enough.

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