With the long list of Texas-based moments in the WWE, which one do you think the WWE considers to be its coolest?

WWE.com has published its look at the coolest moments from state-to-state across the country. Moments like Ric Flair's return to the WWE in North Carolina to announce he'd purchased 50% of the company, Triple H's Royal Rumble win in Florida after returning from a career-threatening quadricep injury, and DX crashing WCW Monday Nitro in Virginia at the height of the Monday Night War. But what is the coolest thing to happen in the Lonestar state?

Keep in mind, there's a lot of moments to choose from, primarily from the multitude of major events that have taken place in Texas. They could have picked Steve Austin winning his first Royal Rumble in San Antonio (the sight of the upcoming Royal Rumble), Steve Austin defeating the Rock in their first of three Wrestlemania encounters at Wrestlemania X-Seven in Houston, or The New Day coming out in an over-sized cereal box and the women's match between Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch stealing the show last year at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas. But the coolest moment in the eyes of the WWE was something that happened on a basic Sunday television show in 1992.

For weeks leading up, fans had noticed a change in the demeanor of Shawn Michaels, half of the incredibly popular tag team The Rockers. Taking on a more arrogant and aggressive attitude, rumors started that the team would be splitting up. Shawn Michaels and his partner Marty Jannetty appeared on the segment show 'The Barber Shop', filmed in Corpus Christi a few weeks prior, to bury the hatchet. Jannetty turned his back to give Michaels the chance to walk away and fly solo if he wished, but Michaels remained. The two shook hands, hugged, and posed as a united team for the crowd until Michaels kicked Jannetty with his signature super kick (later named "sweet chin music") and then threw Jannetty through a plate glass window on the set. The moment shocked fans in attendance and those watching at home, but had implications that reached farther than anyone could imagine at the time. Michaels was an impressive performer and the WWE believed he could have a decent solo run as the Intercontinental Champion, as his size didn't lend him to being pared with top guys like Hulk Hogan. Little did anyone know that this moment signified the beginning of the solo career of the man considered to be the greatest performer in the history of profession wrestling, surpassing his long-time idol Ric Flair in the minds of many fans, fellow wrestlers, and historians.

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