So, you need your concert fix, but every major tour has been cancelled. What do you do? Well, Metallica announced a drive-in concert yesterday and here are the closest locations to us.

Sadly, we have no drive-in movie theaters in Wichita Falls. We used to have six in this town, which you can read about here. Now if you want your drive-in fix, you have to plan a short road trip. I have been to two of them in our area, the Graham Drive-In and the Chief Drive-In, you can see my review on those places as well. So when I saw the Metallica announcement yesterday, I first looked for those places to see if they were doing it.

Sadly, they're not. So where are the next closest drive-ins? Depends on which direction you want to drive. Up in Springer, Oklahoma you have the Cool Breeze RV Cinema and Resort. Which is about an hour and 39 minute drive from us in Wichita Falls. If you would rather stay in Texas, the Coyote Drive-In in Fort Worth is showing it as well. That one is an hour and 42 minute drive from us.

Tickets for the Metallica show go on sale Friday. Tickets cost $115 and I know that sounds pricey. However, that is good for six people. So comes out to around $19 and some change per person if you get all six people to go. You will also get four downloads for Metallica's new album coming out S&M2.

Some drive in's are doing V.I.P tickets as well. This gets you the best view at the drive-in and also gets you limited edition gear as well. An exclusive Metallica laminate and lanyard. That will cost you $215 if you plan on getting the upgrade. Also good for up to six people. The Cool Breeze will have the V.I.P. package, no word on if the Coyote Drive-In will be having it as well.

The show is August 29th and if you plan on going. You can get your tickets here. Also remember, support the drive-ins when you can. It's one of my favorite things to do and I wish we had one here in Wichita Falls.

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