There's a lot of slang terms in common use around Texoma, but what would you consider to be the best?

The folks at Buzzfeed put out a request to their readers across the nation to submit their favorite slang terms that are fairly exclusive to their state, with the best listed below. Oklahoma's doesn't really seem like a slang term, and the one from Texas sounds more like a Jeff Foxworthy routine than anything.

After reading this, all I can say is, "How bored do you get in Iowa?"

What is your favorite term you only hear in Texoma?

Alabama"Roll Tide"Greeting/Agreement/Appreciation.
Alaska"Lower 48"The rest of the U.S.
Arizona"Snowbirds"People, mainly Canadians, who migrate to the area during winter.
Arkansas"Up Yonder"Direction/Distance.
California"Dude"Just about anything.
Colorado"Fourteener"A hike taking you to 14,000 feet.
Connecticut"Packy Store"Liquor Store. Originates from packaging booze during prohibition.
Delaware"Jeet""Did you eat?"
Florida"Green"Describing someone who messed up.
Georgia"Get to Gettin""Time to go."
Hawaii"Da Kine"Describing something you can't remember the name of.
Idaho"Rig"Any personal vehicle.
Illinois"Gym Shoes"Sneakers/Tennis Shoes.
Indiana"Sweeper"Vacuum cleaner.
Iowa"Padiddle"Yelled when seeing a car with one working headlight.
Kansas"Ornery"Describing a troublemaker.
Kentucky"Coke"Any soda.
Louisiana"Cher"Cute or endearing. (Pronounced "sha")
Maine"Ayuh"An affirmation.
Maryland"Sice"Asking someone to get you something.
Michigan"Pop"Any soda.
Minnesota"Ohfer""Oh for..."
Mississippi"Bless Your Heart""Go f**k yourself!"
Missouri"Hoosier"A term for people a step above "White Trash"
Montana"Whiskey Ditch"A whiskey and water.
Nebraska"You Betcha!"Exclaimed when experiencing something good.
Nevada"For Sure"An affirmation.
New Hampshire"Wicked"Good or awesome.
New Jersey"Down the Shore"Referring to the beach.
New Mexico"All""Very".
New York"Deadass"Used as a question, confirmation, or to describe severity.
North Carolina"Yonder"Direction/Distance.
North Dakota"Uff Da"Expressing exasperation or frustration.
Ohio"Please"Used in place of "Excuse me?" when you don't understand someone.
Oklahoma"Fixin To""Getting ready to"
Oregon"The Coast"Referring to the beach.
Pennsylvania"Jagoff"Referring to an idiot.
Rhode Island"Bubbler"Water fountain.
South Carolina"Might Could"Used instead of just "could".
South Dakota"Taverns"Sloppy Joes.
Tennessee"Buggy"Shopping cart.
Texas"Y'all'd've""You all would have..."
Utah"Sluff"Skipped something.
Vermont"Creemee"Soft serve ice cream.
Virginia"Brick"A long time ago.
West Virginia"Holler"The road.
Wisconsin"Bubbler"Water fountain.
Wyoming"Barking Squirrels"Prairie dogs.

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