Siri is pretty much the first step in the machines becoming self aware like in Terminator.

This all started when Oregon State head football coach, Mike Riley asked Siri "What her favorite college football team was?" She then replied," I always like to root for the underdog. I guess that makes me a fan of Oregon State right now." Now many speculated that since Siri knew who the owner of the iPhone was she said that, but on any iPhone this is what she will say when you ask her.

Now the fun doesn't stop at just that. Of course we know need to know all of Siri's favorite sports teams. Here is where the controversy starts. If you ask Siri her favorite college basketball team she will say Oregon. That is a big no no in the sports world.

Now to the professional sports world. For the NFL Siri is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. Brace yourselves for this one Rangers fans, but Siri is a Houston Astros fan. Siri roots for the Los Angeles Clippers for the NBA. The Nashville Predators are Siri's NHL team and finally the DC United for the MLS. So Siri we have no sports teams in common, so I am glad I don't own an iPhone.