With so many stories about people eating flesh lately, it’s getting hard to keep them all straight. Worse, it’s almost becoming old hat. A man in Waco is the latest to join the line-up of flesh eaters, this time feasting on a canine.

Michael Daniel was allegedly high on K-2, a synthetic marijuana, when he began barking at a neighbor while on his hands and knees. After acting out the part of a dog, he then found a 30-40 pound dog and dragged it to another neighbor’s porch. That’s where he’s accused of beating and strangling the dog before tearing into it with his teeth. When police arrived, Daniel had blood and fur on his face.

K-2 has been linked to issues around Texas and other parts of the country, and bills have recently been signed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to prohibit the sale of the substance.

As for Daniel, he’s been charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal, and he joins the ranks of “zombies” who are getting stoned and eating whatever they get their hands on.

I’ve never tried K-2, and after seeing videos of people on it and hearing horror stories about people freaking out after using it, I can honestly say I have no desire to try it out. I don’t think my mom would appreciate reading about me in the news if I noshed on my friends, and my bed is probably a lot more comfortable than those in jail.

Should we start placing bets now on where the next zombie will come from? Maybe somewhere in Utah? Or perhaps Wisconsin?