Ellen DeGeneres loves to have viral stories on her show and one from Wichita Falls will be getting even more attention this afternoon.

Back in April, women of THE WORLD collectively started swooning over one man here in Wichita Falls. Zackry Majewski was just trying to get attention for a husky that was available for adoption for the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services Center. Hopefully, the husky named Sky found a good home. However, ladies around the world wanted to take Zackry home.

Some of my favorite comments out of the THIRTY THOUSAND left on the original post:

"Oh is there a dog in the picture?"

"You might want to do adopt a dog and get a free evening with Zac.....the shelter will be cleared out in 20 minutes!"

"I’d like to start with Zac. I mean , start volunteering at the shelter."

"And just like that I now identify as a husky."

"My dog just got out! Send Zack fast!"

As much as we all loved the ladies of the world falling in love with Zac. He did bring a lot of attention for adopting a local pet. Now Ellen will not be hosting the show this afternoon, but special guest host Beth Behrs chatted with Zac and his boss Nicki Bacon. We got to know a little more about Zac, but the best part is what is happening to the shelter here in Wichita Falls.

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Shutterfly is donating $5,000 worth of pet toys and accessories to the shelter. That's awesome! If you want to watch the show live this afternoon, it will air at 3 PM on KWSO locally.

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