A lot of fireworks will be going off this week, but sadly one show will not be going on.

Big Week for Fireworks in Texoma

With the Fourth of July being on a Thursday this year, many fireworks shows are happening on a few days this week. For instance in our area, Burkburnett and Electra will have fireworks on Wednesday, July 3rd. Wichita Falls will have Fourth in the Falls at the MPEC on Thursday. Then some of the Texoma casinos will have fireworks on Saturday the 6th, like Riverstar Casino.

Vernon, Texas Postpones Fireworks Show This Week

City of Vernon
City of Vernon

Another event that was going to take place this week was Celebrate Independence Da

y in Vernon, Texas. Folks could come out to Roy Orbison Park and enjoy extended hours at the pool. Plus FeFe’s Funnel Cakes, HTeaO Childress and The Boys and Girls Club of Vernon would be selling treats. Once it went dark around 9, the big fireworks show was going to be kicking off.

Why Has Vernon Postponed Their Fireworks Show?

In a statement the city released, you can see the main concern is dry conditions in the area currently. If a fire were to breakout due to the fireworks, it would quickly spread due to the dry conditions. In agreement with local fire officials, the city thought it would be smart to not to do the fireworks show at this time. The pool will still be open for extended hours so folks can still enjoy that to cool off.

Could Other Fireworks Shows Be Postponed?

As of right now, all other fireworks shows in our area are on. I provided links above for all the other Fireworks shows going on this week. If you were planning on attending one, be sure you stay up to date there for the latest news.

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