A study performed by political scientists at University of North Texas found a considerable rise in hate crimes in counties where President Trump held campaign rallies.

As reported by Business Insider, professors Regina Branton and Valerie Martinez-Ebers, and PhD candidate Ayal Feinberg compiled data using the Anti-Defamation League's map that logs reported cases of hate crimes, comparing counties that held Presidential rallies for Trump in 2016 to counties that didn't host a rally but share similar demographics to those that did. In the end, the study found a 226% rise in hate crimes in rally counties.

The study does state that it cannot definitively attribute the rise in hate crimes solely to the speeches and actions of President Trump, though the correlation and direct referencing of Trump in these crimes is hard to ignore. Also, the study does discount the common rhetoric the reported hate crimes were fake and used as a ploy to harm the image of Trump and his supporters, saying,

In fact, this charge is frequently used as a political tool to dismiss concerns about hate crimes. Research shows it is far more likely that hate crime statistics are considerably lower because of underreporting.

Additionally, it is hard to discount a 'Trump effect' when a considerable number of these reported hate crimes reference Trump. According to the ADL's 2016 data, these incidents included vandalism, intimidation and assault.

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