When you need to know something, you go to Google. Turns out Biden's name is a more popular search as of 8 AM this morning in our state.

It seems like everyday we have a new survey or poll telling us who is going to win Texas. As I have stated in all my stories, DO NOT believe these things for a second. If a website leans right wing and polls their audience who they're voting, then Trump will win. Same goes for a left wing site, voting for Biden. These surveys are never the final outcome for an election.

So some people are now thinking Google has the answers they're looking for. I mean, Google does always have the answers, but it can't predict the future. Maybe one day the technology will be there, that will definitely make sports betting a lot more easier. So Google says that Texans are Googling Biden, more than Trump.

Biden's name is being searched 54% in the Lone Star state, compared to Trump at 46%. Does this mean Biden wins Texas? NO! I can already hear you typing your angry comments to me. I just think both sides are doing their research, whether it be good or bad for both political candidates.

The most popular political terms searched in our state relate to unemployment, wages, and health care. Each are very important topics that each candidate has differing viewpoints on what they would do. As I always say when voting, do your research. Vote how YOU want to vote and do your part during this election.

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