Many folks around the country are protesting the recent election results and one group had a slight altercation recently in Texas.

Over in Harlingen, Texas local police were called to a prayer group in the area. Police were called because someone allegedly pulled out a knife towards the group praying. Witnesses say they were praying for President Donald Trump in the lot and that is when 20-year-old John Rivas allegedly began throwing eggs at the group. When the group asked him to stop he pulled out a knife.


Rivas left the area before police got to the scene, but he was located and arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, police said. During his arrest, police said, Rivas began to stiffen his body and refused to place his hands behind his back. He was then charged with resisting arrest and disruption of a meeting. Police recovered a brown, serrated knife believed to be used by Rivas during the incident at the scene.

Two women were also arrested with Rivas who were allegedly there with him during the incident. During the investigation, the two women were hurling insults at he prayer group. 19-year-old Marilyn Lopez and 18-year-old Miliannie Ortiz-Ruiz were also placed under arrest for disruption of a meeting.

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