In case you think you’re the biggest Dallas Cowboys fan on the planet, allow me to introduce you to this guy.

I’m not sure what his name is since I didn’t catch it in the video, but I do know his son’s name – Dallas Cowboys. That’s right, he named his son after America’s Team. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I love it.

As you might expect, he says some of the other kids make fun of his son for it, but he just told him that yes, it’s going to happen and that it even happens to him sometimes.

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Sure, having Cowboys as a middle name might be a little odd, but like me and my fellow Cowboys fanatic Stryker were talking about earlier, Dallas is a pretty frickin’ cool name. Hell – Cowboys former Head Coach Bill Parcells named his daughter Dallas long before he was ever with the team.

While the internet seems to be hung up on the fact that he named his son Dallas Cowboys, I’m impressed with his love for the Cowboys overall.

From his tattoos to his couch to his party space, his fandom is on full display. And then there’s the fact that he gets downright emotional, shedding tears while discussing his love for the Cowboys.

Of course, Cowboys haters on the internet are making fun of my man, but you can bet your ass I’ve got his back. Any man who is as passionate about the ‘Boys as him is a friend of mine.

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