These ladies really needed to crack open a cold one and no one was going stop them.

San Antonio police are still looking for the two women who robbed a Taco Cabana. The robbery actually took place back in October. The two ladies walked into the Taco Cabana and stole some beers out of the bucket. They were confronted by a security guard about the beer and one of the ladies banged the bottle against his head. The two escaped in a silver car after attacking the guard.

Photo Courtesy of San Antonio Police Department
Photo Courtesy of San Antonio Police Department

I just want to know what kind of Taco Cabana has a security guard? Seriously, how sketchy is your neighborhood that the Taco Cabana has an actual guard? You know if they have a security guard this kind of stuff happens all the time.

By the way, can we get a Taco Cabana here in Wichita Falls? I really like their breakfast.

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