Sounds like a whole lotta people in our neck of the woods need to repent. 

Not that I’m one to judge. Lord knows I’ve engaged in plenty of sinning over the course of my life. The fact of the matter is we all have our vices. 

Of course, some places are a little more known for sinning than others.

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With that in mind, the experts at WalletHub set out to determine which U.S. cities were the most (and least) sinful in 2023. The results might surprise you. 

First of all, you and I both know Las Vegas is going to be at the top of the list each and every year. I mean, it’s not called “Sin City” for nothing. 

I would also expect New Orleans to rank high on the list annually. However, even though New Orleans is known for decadent behavior, it didn’t crack the Top 10. 

But two cities here in the Lone Star State did. In fact, Texas is the only state to have more than one city in the Top 10. 

One thing I hear from people who visit Texas is that they feel like there is a church on every corner. Now I know why. Folks around here have to do something to clean that soul up after a week filled with sinful behavior. 

So which Texas cities made the list of the Top 10 most sinful cities in the country? That would be Houston and Dallas. 

Houston is particularly sinful, landing at Number Two on the list. 

10 Most Sinful U.S. Cities 

  1. Las Vegas, NV 
  2. Houston, TX 
  3. Philadelphia, PA 
  4. Los Angeles, CA 
  5. Atlanta, GA 
  6. Denver, CO 
  7. Dallas, TX 
  8. Phoenix, AZ 
  9. Miami, FL 
  10. Cleveland, OH

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