Hurricane Beryl officially hit Texas around 4AM Monday morning. The storm has caused chaos in South Texas and many are currently without power.

Hurricane Beryl Has Hit Texas

Over the past few days, millions of Texans have been hoping that Hurricane Beryl would pivot and avoid our state, but this morning it has been hitting South Texas with over 80 MPH winds and torrential rainfall causing flooding. A stormchaser above got a good shot of Buc-ee's billboard collapsing due to the wind.

Houston News Crew Does News in the Dark

Similar to our studios at the station, not everything is put on backup generators. Mainly the equipment you need to broadcast is put on those and the rest is just put on normal power. ABC 13 this morning had to do the morning news without any of their main lights for a few hours.

1.5 Million Currently Without Power in South Texas

You can expect that number to go up as this storm moves across Texas, but over one million folks are waking up today with no power. Houston Transtar which is in charge of transportation in the Houston area saw on one of their traffic cameras the moment one of the power transformers exploded this morning. We're very early in this storm right now, but we do have one confirmed death after a tree fell onto someone's home killing them this morning in Humble, Texas.

Projected Path for Hurricane Beryl

Obviously a hurricane is unpredictable, but current models have it following this projected path. We will wait and see what happens over the next few days. Portions of East Texas are projected to be hit tomorrow morning.

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