I don’t usually pay attention to the whole “National _______ Day” thing, but for obvious reasons, today is one that is near and dear to me.

August 20 is National Radio Day. If you haven’t tuned in in a while, maybe it’s time to come back to your favorite station.

I’ve loved radio ever since I was a kid. I remember spending many a night calling into KVWC in Vernon to make requests. Hearing a song that I requested on the radio made me feel so special, like a had an “in” with the station.

While it’s always been about the music first for me, I also love a great personality. To me, an engaging host can make a good station great. That’s why I’ve never cared for jockless radio. I’ll put together my own playlist on Spotify if I just want to hear music.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box now and share some interesting facts about radio in 2020, as reported by National Today.

  • More than two-thirds of people surveyed listen to the radio EVERY DAY.
  • 71% said they listened to the radio in their cars.
  • 13% of people pick a favorite radio station and never change it (we call these people P1s and we LOVE them).
  • Just under half of the people surveyed like to sing along to the radio.
  • Maybe the most interested statistic from the study is that about 10% of listeners even have a favorite radio commercial.

I know I can speak for everyone in the radio biz when I say thanks for listening. We wouldn’t blessed with this awesome gig if it weren’t for you.

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