Can I get a “hell yeah” for this guy?

Bloomberg Quicktake shared a video of a Texas man who will be fighting alongside the Ukrainians as they combat the Russian invasion.

The man, whose identity was concealed for obvious reasons, told the reporter that he had arrived in Poland on Monday, March 7.

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He said, “I told myself that if Ukraine originated a foreign legion, I’d be the first one to sign up.” The very next day, Ukraine did just that.

So, he contacted their embassy through FaceTime messenger, sent them his qualifications, and they told him to, “come on.”

The warrior said he expected to join his friends in a combat unit. He confirmed to the reporter that he was well aware of the fact that the Russians would treat him as an enemy combatant, even though he’s an American citizen.

When asked if he was scared or if there was a sense of fear, he said “no” and that he was actually relieved that he was there.

KENS 5 reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy invited anyone who wanted to join the fight against the Russians could do so in a statement made on February 27.

In case you’re wondering, the U.S. State Department says that it’s not a crime for an American to go abroad to fight for another country, as long as the individual was recruited by that country and not hired or recruited in the United States.

Good luck and Godspeed to all of the brave individuals who are willing to risk their lives to help the Ukrainians in their fight to repel the Russian invaders.

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