Glad to say the dogs are getting the proper care now.

This story actually comes back from August of 2017. Wichita Falls police were called about a disturbance in the 1700 block of 6th Street. The property owners wanted the tenant barred from the property and believed she was hiding in a nearby property. Police decided to search the original property that the tenant was being kicked out of.

Wichita Falls police detected the strong smell of urine coming from the property and several dogs were barking inside the residence. Thirteen total dogs were living in this apartment. Using the apartment floor as a bathroom. Feces and urine were everywhere, including matted into the dog's fur. A small batch of food was found in the apartment, but no water was present anywhere.

Sheet rock was torn out of the walls and police believe the dogs may have been consuming that. Police say the apartment appeared to have been abandoned for some time. The apartment belonged to 33-year-old  Angel Bright Sargent. After a court order in September, she said she had been in the process of moving and hadn't been there for about ten days.

She has been charged with 13 counts of cruelty to non-livestock animals – a Class A misdemeanor. She also is being held on a surety off-bond on a drug charge. Sargent remained in the Wichita County Jail Monday in lieu of $18,000 total bail.

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