Thank goodness someone spotted this little guy. No way he would have found a way out of there without seriously hurting himself.

Not often you get a to be a hero while in the middle of an 80 mile ride, but that's exactly what happened to the Smash Bros Plus One cycling team. Once a week they get together to ride their bikes throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Just over a week ago, 30 miles into their 80 mile journey a woman was freaking out.

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She kept yelling "There's a dog, there's a dog." Looking over the bridge, a dog was trapped several feet down from the bridge on a lone concrete beam. I have no idea how this dog got there. I guess it is possible for him to jump off the bridge and onto the beam. Hopefully some assh*** didn't do this as a sick joke to the pour pooch. Either way, folks reacted quickly to helping the dog.

In what maybe the most perfect timing ever, a handyman was driving by with this van. He stopped and got a ladder off his truck to help retrieve the dog. I am so scared of heights, so no way would  I ever do that these people did. Cyclist Chris Williamson went down there and sat with the dog to make sure it was comfortable before picking it up.

The dog was taken to Saving Hope Rescue in Fort Worth and the story has gotten a lot of attention. They were able to raise almost $1,500 after the story went viral. Shout out to everyone involved in getting that dog off the bridge. Hopefully the dog finds a loving home.

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