Oh you have been to the Wichita Mountains, but have you stumbled onto the Parallel Forest Loop Trail?

Who doesn't love a good haunt? We have talked about several of these places in the past throughout Wichita Falls, but what about our neighbors to the north in Lawton? Hopefully you have spent sometime in the Wichita Mountains. Absolutely gorgeous place to go spend the day, but be careful where you walk.

Some folks believe a certain section is haunted, mainly for the fact a government experiment took place there. It's called the Parallel Forrest, which was done in 1912 to study the effects of the Dust Bowl. 20,000 trees were planted exactly six feet across from each other. Nowadays, hundreds of the trees remain even though the project was abandoned back in the day.

You go type in Parallel Forrest into YouTube, and so many videos start popping up on the subject. People claim that people have worshiped the devil inside of the Parallel Forrest.

To me, this doesn't seem like a haunted place, but I just haven't seen anything that creepy happen in all of these videos. Check them out for yourselves in the post and if you're interested in visiting the forest, the all trails site has nice write up on what you can expect. Best of luck if you decide to go, hopefully Satan isn't summoned to get you.

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