It's Comedy Week on Youtube on that means LOL and LMFAO. Okay silly text lingo aside, it's suppose to be a really funny week on YouTube. And to honor their comedy week, YouTube itself has made a playlist of the most famous comedy videos of all time on YouTube. Let's start the countdown!

7. I'm On a Boat (ft. T-Pain) by The Lonely Island(This video contains bad, bad language so you've been warned). 74,958,346 views

6. Nyan Cat by saraj00n  97,292,282 views

5. David After Dentist by booba1234  119,331,860 views

4. The Annoying Orange by Dane Boe  135,331,171 views

3. The Sneezing Baby Panda by jimvwmoss  159,593,579 views

2. Evolution of Dance by judsonlaipply  213,743,560 views

1. Charlie bit my finger - again by HDCYT  525,878,850 views