This ain't your ordinary rock, it's The Disco Rico way of rock.  These guys brought in some awesomely unique tunes to showcase on Homebrew:  "Familiar Strange" and "Ridiculous."  We pride ourselves on the variety of rock we've been blessed to showcase on Homebrew and The Disco Rico definitely adds their own throwback-retro style.  The Disco Rico is made up of Justin Coheley (Vocals, Harmoncia,Percussion), Michael Hitt (Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals), Cameron Rodriguez (Guitar), Jason Odom (Percussion and Taylor Slusher (Bass).

Find out what brought these guys together and how they personally describe their sound by clicking play below:

Click the white "play" button to here what "throwback-retro" sounds like with Familiar Strange.  ***Caution:  The Disco Rico is known to be an entry level drug to good music...

Hit up their website, contact them on Facebook or watch them on Youtube.  Hear how their music starts massive riots at their shows on my next The Disco Rico blogpost right here on