That's right guys, (and interested gals)!  If you make it to The Disco Rico show this Friday, you will see a ton of women in bikinis and swimsuits!  And ladies, don't think you were left out either.  There will be tons of shirtless hairy men in shorts sporting their farmer tans and streched out tattoos (hahaha).  Why the lack of clothing you ask?  The Disco Rico will be playing this Friday at Castaway Cove in Wichita Falls @ 7:30 pm!

Later that night, the band will be preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse at Old Town Saloon @ 11:00 pm, where it turns out the waitresses have been known to wear bikinis as well.  Trust me when I say: that's a good thing.

But if you're thinking "holy too many shows batman!" then get ready for another show next Thursday, July 14 at The Iron Horse Pub!  Yeah, I know right?!  An insane number of shows in less than a week!  Apparently live shows are crack for The Disco Rico and they're ready to share the addiction.

And just in case you have joined a brotherhood of short, hairy, shoeless flobbits, or shobbits (or whatever they're called) on a quest to find the joy that is The Disco Rico live, here is some audio that will help you on your way and allow me to wrap up this lame Lord of the Rings joke...

Oh, and here's the panty-dropper: