No, no, no.  Not "shot" as in with needles or weapons, "shot" as in with a camera...cheesy I know but I almost LOLed.  And by the way, how many of you actually laugh out loud when you type or text "LOL?"  Now back on subject.  As always, Jessica Wood of J Wood Photography is at the studio as soon as I call her Bat-phone, ready to fight the evils of non-visual radio.  Too bad she doesn't have a sexy skin-tight superhero outfit with a utility belt for her camera...or does she?  While in the studio on Homebrew last Sunday, Jessica jumped at the chance to take awesome photographs of The Disco Rico's interview with myself. they are!

Thanks again to Jessica...she rocks.  And don't forget The Disco Rico is pulling a double header tonight at Castaway Cove and Old Town Saloon!