I was prepared for some sort of venomous snake, not a freaking tiger.

This list is amazing.  Ranker has the list of animals most likely to kill you in your state. When I saw one of my friends share it, I had to go check out our neck of the woods. For most of the states, it's dogs, deer or venomous snakes. For Oklahoma, they have without a doubt the strangest one on the list.

Tigers, yes tigers in Oklahoma have the highest risk of killing you. Deer they say is a close second due to people hitting them on the highway and causing an accident. Seriously though, how in the hell are tigers killing this many people. Apparently, Oklahoma has a bad history of animals getting loose during tornadoes. No, this is not a Sharknado situation. It is not raining tigers during tornado season in Oklahoma.

The tornados destroy the enclosure that the tigers are living in and they escape. They also say faulty fences in Oklahoma can be the cause for a death, even though the example they gave of a Tiger getting out had no fatalities. I guess since so many tigers have gotten out, that is why they're most likely to kill you. This list has very predictable animals for every other state, for Oklahoma though, what the hell?

I'm sure some people are curious about what it would be for Texas. Turns out it is flood-rafting fire ants. You may have seen some footage of these during Hurricane Harvey not too long ago. The bites from fire ants are rarely fatal, but some people are very allergic to them. So a few bites could kill them. These ants will do anything to get to anything dry, even a person trying to escape a flood. They say to get them off of you to use dish soap. That will prevent them from sticking to you and they will easily come off.

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