The teacher was wondering why the boy was wearing makeup and his face.

Over in San Antonio, local police are investigating a child abuse case with a young boy. The teacher noticed the normally upbeat child was acting strange one day and noticed for some reason he was wearing makeup on his face

The child was sent to the nurse's office to see what was wrong. The nurse discovered bruises over the child's back and makeup was hiding bruises on his face. A child advocate group was called to the school and the boy told them a relative named Paige Sanchez caused the injuries.

No word on how she is related to the boy. She denies causing the child's injuries but did admit to using a belt on him. I'm not sure what she means by using a belt, but not injuring the child. The young victim told investigators Sanchez applied the make-up to his face and was reportedly told by Sanchez and another relative to not say how he was injured. Sanchez is charged with injury to a child by omission.

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