Girls can be nerds to. Also, I have a firm decision on which makeup to buy for a girl now. I can honestly say I had no idea which was a good brand, now I know.

New 'Star Wars' movie coming out this Christmas. Which I am still kind of bummed about. What the hell, a 'Star Wars' movie not coming out in the summer is just wrong. Oh well, it's time to start marketing the movie. You will always get the toys, cereal and soda for the kids. What about the adults? As a big kid myself, I am not above buying a replica light saber. Nothing is really aimed at the female 'Star Wars' fan. Until now.

CoverGirl just made a partnership with the upcoming 'Star Wars' film. The collection consists of six lipsticks, three nailpolishes, and 10 mascara which range from everyday hues to daring shades. Even better, the products are adorned with memorable phrases from the films like, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” I know what my female friends will be receiving for Christmas, you're welcome in advance.