A text was exchanged with another employee, that was then sent to the applicant.

Katelyn Simmons of Spring, Texas was applying for a summer job at Subway. She dropped off an application with her friend that works there and that friend sent a text to the manager about the application. The manager then asked 'How she looks?' Katelyn's friend then said, '"Black girl long dark hair. Shortish."

The manager then responded by saying, "Oh no thanks. I don't want those people in our store lol." Since this employee was friends with Katelyn, she screenshotted the message and sent it to her. "It cut me deep," Katelyn recalled. "I was hurt." Katelynn's mom also saw these messages and contacted Subway's corporate office.

Subway released the following statement on this situation. "The manager of this location was immediately terminated for her actions. The Franchise owner has reached out to the young woman who applied for the position to apologize and encourage her to consider re-applying. The former-manager's actions do not reflect the openness and values shown by Subway Franchise Owners and their staff. The Subway brand and its independent Franchise Owner are inclusive and welcome all individuals to be part of the Subway restaurant teams."

Since this story has come out, Katelyn has been offered other jobs in the area. Looks like she will starting a different job next week.

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