A Fort Worth teacher, who didn't know how to use Twitter, was fired after publicly tweeting to Trump asking him to remove illegals from her school.

In May, Georgia Clark sent a series of Tweets to President Trump asking him to investigate and remove illegals from her school and the school district. In the tweets from her now-deleted Twitter account, Clark told Trump that the Fort Worth school district has a large amount of illegal students, claimed they don't respect the United States flag, and asked Trump for any help. Clark also included two phone numbers, hoping she'd receive a direct phone call from the president. However, Clark was apparently unfamiliar with Twitter and instead of sending private messages, she posted public tweets, exposing her phone numbers to the world.


Buzzfeed was provided with a report from Fort Worth ISD in which Clark admitted to sending the tweets, and confirmed that she thought they were being sent as private messages. Clark also acknowledged that she had to file a police report and disconnect both phone numbers as she began receiving a multitude of calls as a result of posting her phone numbers, with people calling her a racist. Clark had previously been through disciplinary action due to racial comments in 2013 when she referred to a group of Hispanic students as "Little Mexico" and called a Caucasian student "White Bread".

Tuesday, a special meeting of the Fort Worth Independent School District school board was called to discuss the matter and potential punishment for Clark. While more than a dozen people spoke out against Clark and her comments, no one spoke in her defense. Parents and other educators said that Clark's comments created a hostile environment and a threat to students who are legally entitled to a public education despite their citizenship status, as ruled by the Supreme Court. Ultimately, the school board voted unanimously to terminate Clark, with school board President Jacinto Ramos Jr. commenting,

We wish to ensure these students that all children and their parents and/or guardians, that all children are welcome in Fort Worth ISD.

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