Someone thought it was a good idea to jump off the pier into the ocean. Looks like this little stunt is going cost this kid some money.

It's that time of year where college kids go off to blow some steam and hit the beach. A popular destination here in Texas is Corpus Christi. The town is going to have to deal with drunk college kids around this time each and every year. Looks like one thing they have a zero tolerance policy for is jumping off their pier.

Looks like on Monday, Corpus Christi Police got reports of a man jumping off the pier into the ocean. He was struggling to get back to shore so a water rescue team was sent out to get him. The man suffered minor injuries.

Here's the thing, the city reviewed security cam footage on the pier and saw the man intentionally go into the water. This isn't like he slipped and fell over. He climbed over the railing and jumped in. Since the man clearly did this intentionally, the city has decided he should pay for the rescue.

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The man has been fined $500 for climbing onto the railing of the pier. He has been charged $2,689.75 which is how much it cost to save him during the water rescue. “Our new Cole Park Pier is safe for people of all ages. The new pier includes numerous safety features and is ADA accessible,” City Manager Peter Zanoni said. “The City of Corpus Christi has zero tolerance for acts of violence, vandalism, or pranks that erode public trust and cost the taxpayer money.”

Looks like some calls to mom or dad will be happening before leaving Corpus Christi.

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