Moving forward in the medical marijuana process in our state and I am glad to see it.

Texas is taking baby steps in the direction of medical marijuana, but I am glad to see those steps are moving forward. As of right now in Texas, you can get medical marijuana if you have a rare form of intractable epilepsy. The dispensaries are only authorized to market cannabidoil, a type of low-THC cannabis that doesn't produce a high and can treat a number of physical and neurological disorders.

Senator José Menéndez of San Antonio has brought forth Senate Bill 90. This would increase the number of "debilitating" medical conditions that qualify for the Texas Compassionate Use Program. The bill lists specific issues like cancer, HIV, glaucoma, Crohn's disease and others as qualifying as a "debilitating medical condition." It also includes chronic medical conditions that produce severe pain, nausea or other symptoms.

"Doctors, not politicians, should determine what is best for Texas patients," Senator Menéndez said. "Studies have proven that cannabis is a legitimate medicine that can help a variety of Texans including individuals suffering from opioid addiction, veterans coping with PTSD, cancer patients, and people on the Autism spectrum. Texas should provide real relief for our suffering patients."

I'm all for it Senator. Once again, this doesn't get people high and helps people with legit medical conditions. I don't see how anybody could be against this, but I know many people are.

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