Say what?!

Yes, you read that title correctly. Texas will be getting our first medical marijuana dispensaries at the beginning of next year.

A company called Cansortium Texas got the first medical marijuana license here in the state back in September. They plan on opening their dispensary in Schulenburg, Texas, which is almost directly between San Antonio and Houston. Consortium Texas will operate a dispensary under the name Knox Medical.

Jose Hidalgo, CEO of Knox Medical dispensary, said cannabis is currently being grown at the location in Schulenburg and will be ready for distribution in by the end of the year. "The plants look healthy," Hidalgo said. "They look great, and the cultivation is moving ahead, and we are expecting to harvest sometime in early December."

Before you get too excited for medical marijuana in our state, you need to know it will only be available to patients who have a rare form of intractable epilepsy. The dispensaries will only be authorized to market cannabidoil, a type of low-THC cannabis that doesn't produce a high and can treat a number of physical and neurological disorders.

This won't be like your typical medical marijuana dispensary you picture in your head like in California or Colorado. Basically, this is just the hub where it can be distributed out to patients with epilepsy. So no storefront where you walk in and buy some weed.

It may not be what we all thought, but it is a step in the right direction. These people that have this epilepsy cannot function in their everyday lives without this medication. Thankfully, the state of Texas is helping out their fellow Texans by legalizing this type of medical marijuana treatment.

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