I have to admit, I would think the exact same thing if I saw this license plate on a vehicle.

KXAN reports that the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles rejected the application for a personalized license plate expressing a vegan’s love for tofu because it contained a “vulgar” phrase. The proposed license plate would have read “LVTOFU.”

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The eternal 15-year-old inside of me absolutely loves the idea. I would laugh my ass off if I saw someone with that license plate. Because, to me, it says “Love to F--- You.” I would never think the person was promoting tofu because I’m dirty minding like that (look – I was in the navy, so potty humor comes naturally to me).

Anyway, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released a statement denying the plate contained profanity, saying it was “designed to inspire more people to try tofu.”

But, a spokesperson with the Texas DMV claims the phrase contains “a common acronym for a vulgar term.”

While I don’t usually agree with how prudish the DMV can be when it comes to personalized license plates, at least they’re being consistent. We’re talking about an organization that rejected personalized license plates like “COOLAF,” “SHE MAD,” and “SCAM,” among many others in 2022.

So, it’s hard to get upset with them for rejecting a plate that many of us would have assumed expressed the person’s love for getting it on rather than curdling soy milk.

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