Looks like Governor Stitt is still strong on his meat stance.

Just in case you didn't keep up with my previous story, allow me to fill you in real quick. A politician over in Colorado said they were going to be doing a meatless Monday to show support for new plant based options in his state. Governor Stitt in Oklahoma decided to stick it to them a propose an all meat week in Oklahoma.

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This happened back in March and it looks like PETA got word about this because of course they did. They now have a billboard up just outside of Oklahoma City. It says, "Oklahoma, Home of the Meathead Gov. Kevin Stitt.” Underneath it says Go Vegan, with PETA's logo.

Looks like a little back and forth will be ensuing between PETA and Governor Stitt. His office says he is planning a cookout underneath the billboard for this afternoon around 5 PM. He shared a photo of the billboard on his Facebook page with the caption, "Looks like a great spot to grill some burgers".

The billboard is located near 1245 Southeast 15th Street in Oklahoma City, west of I-35, and is visible to westbound traffic. I wish Governor Stitt the best in this little battle with PETA. They definitely have some crazies in that group.

I got to admit, I'm suddenly craving a burger and I kinda want to see if the Oklahoma Governor can actually run a grill.

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