As an old-school metalhead from Texas, I can say I fully approve of this band’s decision to play in a thunderstorm.

Could it have ended badly for everyone involved? Absolutely. But thrashing about while a thunderstorm rages in the background is about as metal as it gets.

And I’ll be honest with you, I would’ve done it, too. I can’t tell you how many outdoor shows I played over the years, but they were mostly hot and dry. So, to get to jam out with the best damn light show on the planet would be hard to pass up.

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I’m not sure what venue Houston’s Septik was playing at, but someone commenting on the post said it’s in Austin. The person who posted the video on Reddit said that the weather was perfectly fine just 10 minutes before their set.

But as those of us in Texas know all too well, that can change in a heartbeat. And when you drive from Houston to Austin to play a show, the last thing you want to do is cancel.

However, the guys had to shut it down after just one song. But as someone who has played some pretty wild shows, those are the ones that make the most epic memories.

And Septik will be talking about that show for years to come.

Texas thunderstorms rages, and so does the band
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