Father of the year right here everybody.

A Texas Sherriff in Georgetown took to social media to help find a three-year-old boy's parents. The boy was left at a splash park in town because his father was allegedly involved in a hit and run accident in the parking lot. Officials say the gentleman was at the splash pad with his son when he went to his car.

He actually left his kid at the splash pad and was driving somewhere. In the process of driving in the parking lot, he struck a sign in the lot and sped off. Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody took to Twitter to see if anybody knew who the child was. He appeared to be around the age of three and could not speak for himself.

It worked and the child's mom, who authorities say was unaware of the abandonment, was reunited with her child early Sunday. Chody said the man who drove off appeared to be intoxicated from the parking lot video.

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