You would think since they have their own network, they would always be number one. In recent years, another Texas school has been building up quite the revenue.

A pretty shocking survey from Forbes talking about the most revenue generating college football teams. Most of us would think the University of Texas at Austin would be number one. Not because they're the best. Simply because the Longhorns have their own television network.

The Longhorns are a distant second to fellow Texas school, Texas A&M. That's right, the Aggies are leading the nation in college football revenue. The football team brought in $148 million for the university and after costs throughout the season. The Aggies made their school a profit $107 million.

The University of Texas at Austin made $133 million in revenue and made the school a profit of $87 million. Other schools that are in the top 25 for our area would be Oklahoma at six with a revenue of $118 million, with a profit of $72 million. Finally, the Texas Tech Raiders closed it out at 25. They generated $60 million in revenue and made the university $31 million in profit.

The top 25 is available at Forbes. We already knew how profitable College football is for universities, but pretty crazy to see how much money it actually makes in some of the bigger schools.

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